Atlas Global Virtual is a virtual airline and has no connection with the real world Atlas Global airlines.

General Rules of Atlasglobal Virtual Airlines

-Registered pilots accepts our GPDR policy, please read carefully.

-Registered pilots must complete 1 leg flight within 30 days, unless account is deleted automatically.

-All registered pilots are granted for A319-A320-A321-A330 types.

-All flights must be done connected to IVAO network. Otherwise flight will be deleted from database.


Minimum Requirements for joining Atlasglobal Virtual Airlines

-Registered pilot must be over 16yrs old.

-All given information given must be real and relevant.

-All pilots must have active IVAO account.

-For registered pilots English is a must.

-Atlasglobal Virtual HQ gives the final decision for approval.


Disciplinary Rules and Inactivity of Atlasglobal Virtual Airlines

-Inactivicty of 60 days without any excuse causes the membership to be removed.

-All pilots must show respect other Atlasglobal Virtual Airlines pilots and the whole virtual community members on IVAO and other social networks.

-All information on this website is private property of Atlasglobal Virtual Airlines and shall not be shared or used without permission.

-Insisting of flying offline is a reason for membership removal.

-Sharing  illegal software information of any kind in social media accounts is strickly forbidden and causes of member removal, such sharing will be deleted immediately and Atlasglobal Virtual Airlines staff is not responsible for any kind of behaviour that has been done by any member.

-Atlasglobal Virtual HQ has the right to remove membership of any pilot without giving any reasons.